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  • Developer: Valve Corporation
  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Version: 2.0
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Official information

Release Date January 2012
Developer Valve Corporation
Publisher Valve Corporation
Genre Entertainment
Language English, Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Bokmål, Polish
System Android, iOS
Version 2.0



Steam has something in common with cheese. When we say “Steam” (not meaning vaporized water), we can’t help smiling, because it’s so delicious in there. It’s a game store, easy, stuffed with various games, and so social. While developers all rush in to promote their games on Steam, both major studios and indie makers, gamers are there for buying games as well as rating them, talking on them, and even creating their own mods. It’s the marketplace gaming industry needs.

Steam Store

Most developers run their own sites with the online store where you can buy their games. They also collaborate with major OS developers, like Google, Apple or Microsoft. But more and more people prefer to buy games on Steam. There are reasons for that:

  • Steam is a social platform.

  • With Steam, you can have a single account for multiple games, and that makes your registrations and payments much easier.

  • Steam organizes your games with its own launcher.

That official Steam client is what we’re to talk about. It reviews all the way games reside on your PC.

Steam for Desktop

The launcher for desktop platforms is, in fact, a gaming center on your PC. Let’s review the Windows version, keeping in mind that OS X or Linux versions are essentially the same, and the difference is mostly about whether certain games are ported to those platforms.

After Steam download you need to register or log in. When you do it for the first time from a new device, the service emails you a special code you need to enter in the special field. Don’t be surprised to repeat it every time you use Steam on a new device or after reinstalling your OS.

Since then the app will run in your system tray, providing access to all the games you installed. Click it with any mouse button to see the context menu, or double-click to open the main window.

What you see first is a browser showing you the latest featured games. This promotion element will help you to discover new worthy titles. Game pages in Steam look the same way they do in a regular browser. In Games section, you can select the games you’re interested in by genre, or by pricing, early access, Steam Controller or VR support, or PC Café Games allowing you to play Steam-based games in cafes with a license.

It may be a surprise for some, but there’s more to Steam than just gaming. Software Hub offers picture editors, audio and video production tools, 3D modeling software, and all you might need to develop your own games. If you’re just into writing music or editing videos, Steam has plenty for you, too. Gamers on Steam review the games they try and rate it, there’s a lot to read before you buy.

Among other features, we’ll point out video store (mostly on gaming, like letsplays, documentaries, and so on) and hardware store. You can order Steam controller, Steam Link console for playing on your TV with any controller (including Xbox or Sony PS peripherals or just keyboard and mouse), or third-party VR headsets and Steam-optimized PCs.

Running Games from Steam

Well, if you want to run a certain game you already own, you may do it directly from the tray, with a click, as all the installed games are accessible from the context menu. But there are more options if you launch the app first.

Any game you have installed has its page that shows its achievements for you to unlock, as well as the official news on it, your playing stats (like how much time you spend on it, with daily details), and also links to all the data you may need (like discussions, manuals, community guides, support page). You may write your own review right from this page.

While playing Steam-based games, you can enjoy added features, like screenshot uploading to Steam cloud, video broadcasting, and so on.

Mobile Apps

What does a mobile app do, while Steam mostly distributes games for Windows? Well, though Steam doesn’t compete with Play Market or Apple Store, its mobile app still makes sense. It doesn’t run games (it would require a full emulator). But it still has a lot for you:

  • Store access. If you’re away from your PC, you still can make purchases. It’s especially useful with special offers and giveaways. Buy from your phone, and then download and play on your desktop.

  • Library access. Though your games and apps can’t be run on your mobile, the stats are still here. You can also manage your library or write reviews.

  • Communication. Your friend list is still here, so you can compose messages, receive incoming ones and answer them.

  • Steam news. There is a special section about new games available in its catalogue, or major updates to the existing ones.

  • Community. From your mobile device, you can read discussions and participate, buy or sell in-game items, or watch broadcasts.

In fact, you can use your mobile Steam app while playing, not to switch from the game on the PC for any outer purposes.



So, now Steam is more than a site where games are sold. It’s an infrastructure with its store, apps for virtually any platform, gaming hardware R&D, social network, rating and reviewing, and, yes, games. The official Steam app is your door to enter this hot boiling world.


  • Mobile versions don’t feature their own game stores


  • Most popular games in one place
  • Easy access on your PC
  • Social features like game rating and discussion or FAQ sections
  • Moderate pricing and a unified payment system
  • Software for developers available
  • Frequent giveaways and discounts
Gameplay controls