Steam Review 2019 How to Play Steam Games on iOS If You Have No PC You have no PC, but you want to play exciting games? The steam app can help you do that. The app is specifically designed for game lovers to bring their enthusiasm to the next level and discover more games that can satisfy their interests. n this article, you will be able to learn more things about the Steam app. We give you valuable information about what it is or how to play Steam games on IOs. So, here we go! STEAM APP OVERVIEW Before diving into how to play VR steam games on iOS, let us define first what is the Steam app. Steam is among the most popular outlet for various games you can find on the Internet. The app has an excellent reputation for good practices from indie developers. Steam also refers to the multi-player platform which was developed by Valve Corporation. The app is primarily used for distributing games and other related media online. Using the app, you will be able to acquire an automatic and installation management of the software on different computers. The app was first developed for Microsoft Windows and expanded to include the Linux and Mac iOS X version. It is considered as the central hub for gaming software while its other version is used for educational software and schools. STEAM APP FOR iOS AND ANDROID DEVICES In 2012, Valve released the Steam version which can be used for iOS and Android devices. The app will allow you to log into your account to browse the storefront, manage games, and then communicate with your friends within the Steam community. Furthermore, the app can incorporate a two-factor authentication system that can work with the Steam Guard to further enhance the security of your account. In June 2016, a mobile Steam app for Windows phone was finally released. So, if you already have the Steam app on your mobile device, the next thing you need to learn is on a how-to-play-pc-games-on-iOS-with-steam-link mobile device. WHAT ARE THE PROS AND CONS OF USING STEAM APP Over the years, the Steam app has been helping many game enthusiasts to develop a library of indie- developed titles and free AAA games. If you are interested in having Steam app on your device and learning on how to play VR steam games on an iOS device, it is a nice idea to discover the pros and cons of the app to help get a deeper understanding and have a hint of what will be your possible gaming experience. Pros: Access to Variety of Cheap Titles One of the good thing about the Steam app is that you do not need to spend a lot of money. Sometimes, learning how to play VR steam games on iOS devices is enough. With the help of this app, you will be able to access different titles that are cheap. You can try accessing those titles during Steam Summer Sale happening every year. Access to Different Titles Not just cheap titles will be available for you if you take advantage of Steam, but also a wide array of high quality titles. The app welcomes all kinds of developers making it possible for may players to access millions of titles. Thus, it serves as a good opportunity to find long-lost titles or even stay updated with the new releases. Account-Based Games ​If games that are account-based is your thing, the Steam app is right for you. Through this app, you can tie up all your games to your account. Meaning, if you will build a new computer, there is nothing to worry since you can still access all your games. All you have to do is to install the app and then re-install the games you purchased. Unlockable Achievements Although you are not an achievement hunter, you still find this feature a good motivation to play games. Unlockable achievements can be a good business strategy. Blizzard, Microsoft, and Twitch use this strategy to generate the interests of players. Cons: Easy to Manipulate Rating System You can find the rating steam easy to manipulate. So, using the Steam app will be based on your personal preference. Too Much Emphasis on the Trading Cards If you do not have a fondness to the idea of trading cards, this can be a drawback for you to use the Steam app. HOW TO PLAY STEAM GAMES ON iOS DEVICES Now that you already have the ideas about the pros and cons of the app, this time you will learn how to play steam games on the phone IOs. Valve already extended the functionality of the Steam app to iPhones, iPads, tablets, Smartphone, or TVs when it launched the Steam Link. So, there is no way for you not to learn how to play steam games on iOS no PC. To make it happen, you will need the leading gaming it as well as a stable 5GHz or Ethernet wireless connection. You are not even required to own a Steam Link box since the Steam app already shares a built-in streaming service so that games can be beamed to less powerful Mac and PCs. It is quite similar functionality devices like the Nvidia’s Shield that is offered similarly years ago. Furthermore, Valve also launched a free Steam Video app which can accomplish similar functionality for the library of Steam movies even without the help of host PC. The video app will work over the LTE connection on the phone in addition to the home network. Although you may not typically consume your films on Steam, still Valve made an effort to improve its services. This innovation is a good idea for those who do frequent travel activities who desire to have a decent, fun collection of video on the app. CONCLUSION The steam app is a different kind of innovation in improving the gaming experience of everyone. Through this app, you do not need to stay in a room to play games because you can play any game you want on your iOS device. Thus, the app increases the motivation of many game enthusiasts to discover more games. Continue Reading How to activate and use mobile authenticator steam? Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is a useful feature made by Steam developer, for the Steam mobile app. It gives users an extra security for their account. This program generates security code which you need to enter every time you are opening your account. This code can’t be guessed, and it changes every 30 seconds. Welcome to Fort Knox. This is a two factor authentication system. It is considered to be the most secure way to protect your account. Codes are constantly changing and you need to enter it physically, as granting permission does not work. Another good advice is to add number of your phone to your account. Just in case you are afraid to lose access, forget credentials, etc. This will help to recover account, no matter what could happen. How to add phone number to account? This is something you need to do before turning on the app. Add the phone number into your account on Steam. Follow this simple guide: Open client page on Steam. Click on your name at the higher right corner on the main screen. You are able to open this account from the browser and also follow the steps. It does not matter where you are doing it. Now pick the drop down menu. Scroll down the list of options until you find Account Details, enter it. In the Account Details will be contact details. Under it will be Add a phone number button. Once you are entered the number, you will see Manage your phone number button, instead. Enter the number with the code of the country you are living in. You may select the country from the list of the menu. After you finish with entering phone and code, push Next button. Wait for some time, as Steam is going to send you SMS with the code of confirmation. Enter the code to prove that the number is correct and click Next. If you did not receive the message, check spam. If you did not get the code, wait for some time and click Send the code again. So, you registered your phone number. Now you can activate authenticator. Before you start the process make sure you really need it and you will not regret this decision. It may be a little bit annoying to enter authentication code every time. How to activate mobile authenticator steam? To activate this feature, you need to install the app at first. How to do that? Go to the app store and download app Steam. Make sure that the publisher is Steam itself. Don’t download the app from an unknown and unreliable source. Some of them may steal your information. You need to download only the real Steam app. Use the website to follow the link which leads to the official store. Next steps: After you downloaded the app and finished installation process, enter your data in the main screen. Now click the icon Menu that you may see at the upper left corner of the screen. The whole menu will be exposed in front of you. Select from there Steam Guard option. This is the first option in the list, so you will find it easily. If you have not setup the Authenticator, this option will appear on your screen. Click Add Authenticator button. After that the app will ask you to enter your current mobile phone number. If you have added it to your account on Steam, this is not necessary step for you. When the number of your phone will be confirmed, the Steam app gives you a so-called recovery code. You need to save this code somewhere. Write it down so you will never lose it. If you lose it, you’ll have to come through a complicated procedure of recovery. The code is a sign that you still have access to the account even if Authenticator or credentials are not available. Don’t try to skip this step. After that, Authenticator from Steam will start its work. You can see from your screen that code is changing every 30 seconds so no one can enter it instead of you. It gives almost 100 percent security. How to login with Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator? If the feature is working, you have to enter the code reflected on your mobile screen every time you want to enter the app. Sometimes the code pops up into the notification bar on your phone. Check it entering Steam app on mobile and watching the current code. Enter this code in 30 seconds. Make sure you are fast enough to type it. You will have to enter another once if you missed this time. Go to the Steam client and log in to the program with your credentials. Steam app will ask you for the Authenticator Steam Code. You will see it on the screen of you mobile. Check the mobile for notifications and open the Steam app to obtain code from it. Now enter the code on the device and press Ok. You will be logged in successfully into the client page on Steam. What to do if you don’t have a phone near? You can’t use the Guard if you can’t reach the phone. Developers promise that sooner or later they will create stand alone authenticators. For now, they are not available. So you can wait for the future, where you will not need to use your phone for getting access to the app or you can just go and take your phone. Which devices are compatible with Guard Authenticator? This feature works with the iOS system, starting from iOS 6.1 and up. It also works with all devices on Android starting from 2.2 system and higher. It supports Windows if the system is 8.1 or up. Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator was made to secure your account. It raises the reliability of Steam, and you are willing to share your private information more eagerly. It needs a mobile phone to receive the code and a lot of patience once you are entering the code that will disappear in 30 seconds.   Continue Reading How to get Steam Trade link on mobile Steam Trade link helps to alleviate the exchange of items on Steam. Once you have it, the whole procedure becomes convenient for everyone and more professional. It can help you in trading Dor 2, CSGO skins for example, but there is no limit to these exact goods. This link is not visible to the public and actually can be changed after you enter your page on Steam. Placing the order you will automatically be asked to give the public trade link. How to get Steam Trade link on mobile The first thing you need to do is to check your profile settings. Go to your Steam Account before sending any Steam URL. Follow this instruction: Open your profile on Steam and press the button Edit Profile, which is available on the right-hand side. Pick My Privacy Settings from the list that will be opened. Now you will see the Profile Status category on the left. Choose Public and press it. This means anyone from the Internet will be able to see it. Scroll down and do the same in the Inventory section. Go down to the bottom of the page and pick the Save Changes option. How to find the Steam trade link? Let’s do it step by step: So, the 1st step is going to your Steam account and log into it. Step 2 is to open Inventory in the upper bar. Step 3 is to click the Trade Offers in the Inventory section. Step 4 will send you to different options, where under the View Trade History you can see Who can send me Trade Offers? Pick this one. Step 5 reveals the information on Third-Party Sites which will be able to send you their offers after you will share the URL with them. This Steam Trade URL is located right under the text about parties. It is signed and it is hard to miss. Copy this URL and paste it to the email or other messaging services in the response of the Shop order message. The URL will give you the ability to choose items you want to buy through Trade Offers. Copy this link and save it somewhere close just in case. You may need it once in a while. Question of Safety You may be wondering whether it is safe to give your Steam Trade link to third-party traders. That’s a good question and the answer is yes, it is safe. You must know that by giving the URL from your account, you don’t give the whole access to your page. All you give is the ability to see your Inventory section and make different trade offers you may want to see. Besides, once you decided to agree on offer, you still need to confirm that. No chance that someone will be able to agree on trade offers instead of you having only this URL. So, either you gave someone all your contact information with passwords and logins and full access to the devices you are using or there is nothing to worry about. However, lots of unwanted weird offers may come from scammers or bots. If you begin to receive it, go to your account and created the new URL. Use the instruction above, and don’t worry, you will stop receiving unwanted ads. In the section under Third-Party Sites, there will be a button Create New URL. Press it. There is no limit to the number of time you can create a new link. Still, you need to be careful with this. After you create another link on Steam Trade, the old one will be gone. You will not be able to reach it as and anyone who will want to contact you by using it. All they will receive is the error message. So, until the deal will be arranged and you receive everything you wanted from it, the best option is not to change anything.   Steam Trade URL allows you to receive offers from other traders and buy things you want. It is completely safe and simple in use. All you need to do is copy the link and send it to the trader to make a deal.   Continue Reading Steam Games Come to Your Mobile Device: Steam Link App For Android and iOS Valve announced the new Steam Link app that will synchronize your entire Steam Library with mobile and any other type of devices running iOS or Android. With the new Steam app you will only need a 5Ghz network to play any game there is on your smartphone, tablet and even Android TV or Apple TV. If you don’t have a 5Ghz connection, there also a way of connecting to a Mac or PC via Ethernet wire. In their official announcement Valve introduced us to a list of controllers Steam app will support: apart from Steam Controller there are SteelSeries Nimbus, Gamevice and other MFI controllers available for iOS and Android. And There’s More Steam Link iOS and Android app will be available for free, which means the mobile gaming audience will be huge at the start and keep on growing as the app proves viable. And with Valve, we’re pretty sure it does. In case you forgot, Steam app for Mac worked fine from the very start. Which means the iOS compatibility is a problem already solved, and Steam apk file format is the most exciting thing now. We didn’t even dare to dream of playing Steam games on Android! Android release is said to start with a public Beta version a little bit soon after release for iOS devices. The release is planned in the final weeks of May. Wait and See The developers don’t hurry to bring out all the details, but playing a Steam game on a mobile device already seems like a revolution in the world of video games. Steam Machine used to have a massive community around itself, but it still was a club of enthusiast gamers. Reaching every person with a mobile device today means opening the club to literally everyone.   Continue Reading Top Reasons Why Steam Mobile App Is a Great Game Assistant Probably every person out there knows Steam as a number one distribution platform for digital gaming, and every other one uses Steam mobile app that noticeably enhances the whole Steam experience. Valve Corporation launched Steam mobile in 2012 as an addition to its PC version where users could manage their collections, search for new games, exchange game objects and send messages. Add such useful functions as news feeds on your favorite games and search for sales and best deals and you will get a crucial tool for Steam community building. What Are The Main Steam Mobile Features? Steam Guard is probably the first feature that gamers all over the world use Steam mobile client for. It’s a tool for additional security level apart from your credentials on the website. When you try to enter the website from any other device, Steam Guard will ask you for a special access code. The code can be sent to your e-mail or, and that is much more convenient, straight to the mobile app. The app will automatically generate a new code every 30 seconds. Steam mobile chat is a perfect tool for communicating with other members of the Steam community. On June 25, 2018, Steam also launched a desktop and web chat versions with new encryption technology and a lot of new options (group chats support, voice messages). Still, Steam mobile chat is your best option on the go. Community Market is always at hand on your smartphone. With Steam mobile client you can easily access the inventory connected to your account, enter trades and confirm your decisions on the market. It looks like it’s the best way to approve or deny the deals when you’re away from your PC. Remote download function is another treat for Steam mobile users. You can search for games and add them to your PC Steam library. The mobile client will automatically synchronize with your Steam account to download and install the games you’ve chosen on your computer. Steam mobile is excellent for keeping up with the latest information on your favorite games, as well as from groups and users you’re subscribed to. You can enter a discussion or make comments on your gaming experience at any time. What Does Steam Community Think? In spite of the fact that Steam mobile is widely used, occasional bugs and glitches in its work may occur. Some users find a lot of things about it annoying: the chat often fails to connect, and the interaction with the main Steam account isn’t always stable. In the comments on the leading mobile app stores, you can always find a couple of Steam mobile users complaining about its laggy messenger and the overall poor design of the app. The app looks like a web page extension, and many Steamers find it unfitting for mobile screens. Still, almost everyone uses Steam Guard on mobile for authentification. Another weak point of Steam mobile is recent Apple scandal. While the latest Steam mobile Android version has a more or less smooth launch, the developers couldn’t agree with Apple. As a result, Steam mobile apk file installed easily, but Steam iOS app didn’t load. This fact made even long-time fans turn away from Steam application. The Change is Coming On January 14, 2019, a post appeared on the Valve blog on the new Steam features. Using the latest technologies very similar to those from the last year great desktop Steam reboot they’ve also made some claims about the client destiny. Let’s find out about all the new Steam features the Valve promises. The Valve also claimed an utterly new chat mobile app, though it’s unclear if it will become part of the mobile app reboot or the developers will launch another independent app. Steam TV is said to support not just tournaments and special events, but all the games there are.   A brand new recommendation system based on machine-learning algorithms will help players quickly discover games more suitable for their taste. New event system will let you highlight all the challenges, streams and tournaments connected to the games you’re subscribed to. Steam Trust is a new technology that will become a full Steam feature instead of a CS: GO add-on. Now when you trade with other players, you get access to information that helps you determine the cheating. A new PC Cafe Program will be launched for a better player experience in different parts of the world. What to make of it? It’s not clear yet which of the features will be presented in Steam mobile app and how different will its next version be from what we have now, but hopefully, all the lags and design inconsistencies will soon be eliminated.   Continue Reading Ways to Make Steam Mobile App More Useful In years that followed the release of Steam app for mobile devices and we’ve heard a lot of negative reviews of its functions and usability. We’ve gathered all the major user complaints and made a list of patches and add-ons that Steam mobile app desperately needs. Changes Welcomed! Steam mobile app has very limited capabilities but could be boosted up with additional content, such as Enhanced Steam and Steam Inventory Helper features. The first add-on was released as a browser extension that helps users in sorting out their wishlists and lets them find the best price for the game, and it also has the improved searching mechanism comparing to Steam website search. The latter is the app for selling gaming items and downloading them right to your inventory. A couple of special add-ons for different games with lots of downloadable content like CS: GO or Fortnite. Making pre-sets, comparing weapons and their prices along with the ability to buy it right away would make a mobile app twice as useful as it is now. Steam chat improvements would also be welcomed. Ability to organize group chats and make voice calls is the main priority here, but pop-up notifications on the locked screen are also essential. Some users find it irritating to open up the whole Steam app to say hello to someone. Some system bugs must be eliminated. For example, it’s impossible to change the install directory for the games you download. The app doesn’t recognize standard client settings, neither it lets users choose their own. Steam mobile is insufficient without a streaming option. This point has been solved with Steam Link app, though. But it seems weird to have two apps instead of a better one that would make a perfect mix of them. Mortal Combat X, GTA 5 and a good deal of racing games are quite suitable for mobile and tablet screens. Let’s improve Steam mobile together In recent year there have been many complaints and negative reactions to Steam mobile app. If you’re not happy with your mobile version of Steam either, share your troubles with us so that together we could make it a generally more pleasant experience.   Continue Reading