How to activate and use mobile authenticator steam?

Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator is a useful feature made by Steam developer, for the Steam mobile app. It gives users an extra security for their account. This program generates security code which you need to enter every time you are opening your account. This code can’t be guessed, and it changes every 30 seconds. Welcome to Fort Knox.

This is a two factor authentication system. It is considered to be the most secure way to protect your account. Codes are constantly changing and you need to enter it physically, as granting permission does not work.

Another good advice is to add number of your phone to your account. Just in case you are afraid to lose access, forget credentials, etc. This will help to recover account, no matter what could happen.

How to add phone number to account?

This is something you need to do before turning on the app. Add the phone number into your account on Steam. Follow this simple guide:

  • Open client page on Steam. Click on your name at the higher right corner on the main screen. You are able to open this account from the browser and also follow the steps. It does not matter where you are doing it.

  • Now pick the drop down menu. Scroll down the list of options until you find Account Details, enter it.

  • In the Account Details will be contact details. Under it will be Add a phone number button. Once you are entered the number, you will see Manage your phone number button, instead.

  • Enter the number with the code of the country you are living in. You may select the country from the list of the menu. After you finish with entering phone and code, push Next button.

  • Wait for some time, as Steam is going to send you SMS with the code of confirmation. Enter the code to prove that the number is correct and click Next. If you did not receive the message, check spam. If you did not get the code, wait for some time and click Send the code again.

So, you registered your phone number. Now you can activate authenticator. Before you start the process make sure you really need it and you will not regret this decision. It may be a little bit annoying to enter authentication code every time.

How to activate mobile authenticator steam?

To activate this feature, you need to install the app at first. How to do that? Go to the app store and download app Steam. Make sure that the publisher is Steam itself. Don’t download the app from an unknown and unreliable source. Some of them may steal your information. You need to download only the real Steam app. Use the website to follow the link which leads to the official store.

Next steps:

  • After you downloaded the app and finished installation process, enter your data in the main screen.

  • Now click the icon Menu that you may see at the upper left corner of the screen. The whole menu will be exposed in front of you.

  • Select from there Steam Guard option. This is the first option in the list, so you will find it easily.

  • If you have not setup the Authenticator, this option will appear on your screen. Click Add Authenticator button.

  • After that the app will ask you to enter your current mobile phone number. If you have added it to your account on Steam, this is not necessary step for you.

  • When the number of your phone will be confirmed, the Steam app gives you a so-called recovery code. You need to save this code somewhere. Write it down so you will never lose it. If you lose it, you’ll have to come through a complicated procedure of recovery. The code is a sign that you still have access to the account even if Authenticator or credentials are not available. Don’t try to skip this step.

After that, Authenticator from Steam will start its work. You can see from your screen that code is changing every 30 seconds so no one can enter it instead of you. It gives almost 100 percent security.

How to login with Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator?

If the feature is working, you have to enter the code reflected on your mobile screen every time you want to enter the app. Sometimes the code pops up into the notification bar on your phone. Check it entering Steam app on mobile and watching the current code.

  • Enter this code in 30 seconds. Make sure you are fast enough to type it. You will have to enter another once if you missed this time.

  • Go to the Steam client and log in to the program with your credentials.

  • Steam app will ask you for the Authenticator Steam Code. You will see it on the screen of you mobile. Check the mobile for notifications and open the Steam app to obtain code from it.

  • Now enter the code on the device and press Ok. You will be logged in successfully into the client page on Steam.

What to do if you don’t have a phone near?

You can’t use the Guard if you can’t reach the phone. Developers promise that sooner or later they will create stand alone authenticators. For now, they are not available. So you can wait for the future, where you will not need to use your phone for getting access to the app or you can just go and take your phone.

Which devices are compatible with Guard Authenticator?

This feature works with the iOS system, starting from iOS 6.1 and up. It also works with all devices on Android starting from 2.2 system and higher. It supports Windows if the system is 8.1 or up.

Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator was made to secure your account. It raises the reliability of Steam, and you are willing to share your private information more eagerly. It needs a mobile phone to receive the code and a lot of patience once you are entering the code that will disappear in 30 seconds.