About us

Hey, guys! Sure, you are dedicated gamers, as you are visiting the site about the largest gaming platform in the world. Do you know Steam? Do you use it for finding, purchasing (or getting for free), and downloading the best titles available now on the video games market? Hope, you do. Because there is no place like Steam for any passionate gamer.

Steam gathers 67 million active players every month. Each of them comes to select from more than 20 thousand gaming titles available and enjoy the best playing experience thereafter. On Steam, you can find not only the vast collection of games but users reviews and rates which significantly simplify the process of selecting your perfect match.

This portal is dedicated to Steam news and updates exclusively. We are the team of players who found each other on Steam to share the experience of playing our favorite games. For some time, we’ve arranged meetings of game fans community, and finally, the idea of this site was born. We love Steam, so we decided to follow the updates and changes of our favorite gaming platform.

Who are we?

Timothy Adams, web-developer

I love Steam for freedom of choice, easy navigation, and thorough compilation of facts about every title presented.

Andrew Klein, game developer

Steam brings me the joy of playing and inspiration for game development. So with the help of Steam, I can both have fun and get deep insights into my work.

Mandy Christopherson, UI/UX designer  

Steam is the platform which is simple to navigate and pleasant to stay here for hours. That’s an example of a decent design for me and, of course, the place to find outstanding games to play.

You can use Steam the way you like it. Enter it from your PC or use the mobile app. Whether you choose, you’ll get an astonishing user experience and become a part of the Steam community wherever you go.