Steam Games Come to Your Mobile Device: Steam Link App For Android and iOS

Steam Games Come to Your Mobile Device: Steam Link App For Android and iOS

Valve announced the new Steam Link app that will synchronize your entire Steam Library with mobile and any other type of devices running iOS or Android. With the new Steam app you will only need a 5Ghz network to play any game there is on your smartphone, tablet and even Android TV or Apple TV. If you don’t have a 5Ghz connection, there also a way of connecting to a Mac or PC via Ethernet wire. In their official announcement Valve introduced us to a list of controllers Steam app will support: apart from Steam Controller there are SteelSeries Nimbus, Gamevice and other MFI controllers available for iOS and Android.

And There’s More

Steam Link iOS and Android app will be available for free, which means the mobile gaming audience will be huge at the start and keep on growing as the app proves viable. And with Valve, we’re pretty sure it does. In case you forgot, Steam app for Mac worked fine from the very start. Which means the iOS compatibility is a problem already solved, and Steam apk file format is the most exciting thing now. We didn’t even dare to dream of playing Steam games on Android! Android release is said to start with a public Beta version a little bit soon after release for iOS devices. The release is planned in the final weeks of May.

Wait and See

The developers don’t hurry to bring out all the details, but playing a Steam game on a mobile device already seems like a revolution in the world of video games. Steam Machine used to have a massive community around itself, but it still was a club of enthusiast gamers. Reaching every person with a mobile device today means opening the club to literally everyone.