Top Reasons Why Steam Mobile App Is a Great Game Assistant

Top Reasons Why Steam Mobile App Is a Great Game Assistant

Probably every person out there knows Steam as a number one distribution platform for digital gaming, and every other one uses Steam mobile app that noticeably enhances the whole Steam experience. Valve Corporation launched Steam mobile in 2012 as an addition to its PC version where users could manage their collections, search for new games, exchange game objects and send messages. Add such useful functions as news feeds on your favorite games and search for sales and best deals and you will get a crucial tool for Steam community building.

What Are The Main Steam Mobile Features?

  • Steam Guard is probably the first feature that gamers all over the world use Steam mobile client for. It’s a tool for additional security level apart from your credentials on the website. When you try to enter the website from any other device, Steam Guard will ask you for a special access code. The code can be sent to your e-mail or, and that is much more convenient, straight to the mobile app. The app will automatically generate a new code every 30 seconds.

  • Steam mobile chat is a perfect tool for communicating with other members of the Steam community. On June 25, 2018, Steam also launched a desktop and web chat versions with new encryption technology and a lot of new options (group chats support, voice messages). Still, Steam mobile chat is your best option on the go.

  • Community Market is always at hand on your smartphone. With Steam mobile client you can easily access the inventory connected to your account, enter trades and confirm your decisions on the market. It looks like it’s the best way to approve or deny the deals when you’re away from your PC.

  • Remote download function is another treat for Steam mobile users. You can search for games and add them to your PC Steam library. The mobile client will automatically synchronize with your Steam account to download and install the games you’ve chosen on your computer.

  • Steam mobile is excellent for keeping up with the latest information on your favorite games, as well as from groups and users you’re subscribed to. You can enter a discussion or make comments on your gaming experience at any time.

What Does Steam Community Think?

In spite of the fact that Steam mobile is widely used, occasional bugs and glitches in its work may occur. Some users find a lot of things about it annoying: the chat often fails to connect, and the interaction with the main Steam account isn’t always stable. In the comments on the leading mobile app stores, you can always find a couple of Steam mobile users complaining about its laggy messenger and the overall poor design of the app. The app looks like a web page extension, and many Steamers find it unfitting for mobile screens. Still, almost everyone uses Steam Guard on mobile for authentification.

Another weak point of Steam mobile is recent Apple scandal. While the latest Steam mobile Android version has a more or less smooth launch, the developers couldn’t agree with Apple. As a result, Steam mobile apk file installed easily, but Steam iOS app didn’t load. This fact made even long-time fans turn away from Steam application.

The Change is Coming

On January 14, 2019, a post appeared on the Valve blog on the new Steam features. Using the latest technologies very similar to those from the last year great desktop Steam reboot they’ve also made some claims about the client destiny. Let’s find out about all the new Steam features the Valve promises.

  • The Valve also claimed an utterly new chat mobile app, though it’s unclear if it will become part of the mobile app reboot or the developers will launch another independent app.

  • Steam TV is said to support not just tournaments and special events, but all the games there are.  

  • A brand new recommendation system based on machine-learning algorithms will help players quickly discover games more suitable for their taste.

  • New event system will let you highlight all the challenges, streams and tournaments connected to the games you’re subscribed to.

  • Steam Trust is a new technology that will become a full Steam feature instead of a CS: GO add-on. Now when you trade with other players, you get access to information that helps you determine the cheating.

  • A new PC Cafe Program will be launched for a better player experience in different parts of the world.

What to make of it?

It’s not clear yet which of the features will be presented in Steam mobile app and how different will its next version be from what we have now, but hopefully, all the lags and design inconsistencies will soon be eliminated.