Ways to Make Steam Mobile App More Useful

Ways to Make Steam Mobile App More Useful

In years that followed the release of Steam app for mobile devices and we’ve heard a lot of negative reviews of its functions and usability. We’ve gathered all the major user complaints and made a list of patches and add-ons that Steam mobile app desperately needs.

Changes Welcomed!

  • Steam mobile app has very limited capabilities but could be boosted up with additional content, such as Enhanced Steam and Steam Inventory Helper features. The first add-on was released as a browser extension that helps users in sorting out their wishlists and lets them find the best price for the game, and it also has the improved searching mechanism comparing to Steam website search. The latter is the app for selling gaming items and downloading them right to your inventory.

  • A couple of special add-ons for different games with lots of downloadable content like CS: GO or Fortnite. Making pre-sets, comparing weapons and their prices along with the ability to buy it right away would make a mobile app twice as useful as it is now.

  • Steam chat improvements would also be welcomed. Ability to organize group chats and make voice calls is the main priority here, but pop-up notifications on the locked screen are also essential. Some users find it irritating to open up the whole Steam app to say hello to someone.

  • Some system bugs must be eliminated. For example, it’s impossible to change the install directory for the games you download. The app doesn’t recognize standard client settings, neither it lets users choose their own.

  • Steam mobile is insufficient without a streaming option. This point has been solved with Steam Link app, though. But it seems weird to have two apps instead of a better one that would make a perfect mix of them. Mortal Combat X, GTA 5 and a good deal of racing games are quite suitable for mobile and tablet screens.

Let’s improve Steam mobile together

In recent year there have been many complaints and negative reactions to Steam mobile app. If you’re not happy with your mobile version of Steam either, share your troubles with us so that together we could make it a generally more pleasant experience.